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Tsveti's Aerial Yoga classes are based on her traditional knowledge of Yoga combined with inovative and fresh sequences in the air. Her classes are joyful,  inspirational, fun and she always offer new ways of approaching postures while suspended in the air.


Aerial yoga class is available as corporate event for Team Building and entertainment.

Aerial yoga class is available for hen do parties.

Aerial yoga Gift Vouchers are available to help your family, friends and loved ones celebrate in exclusive way.

Tsveti keeps all the traditional elements of Hatha yoga with a more modern, fun and attractive approach!

With aerial yoga you will be able to do traditional yoga posses using a suspended hammocks. This makes the progression of your practice easier, more precise, more intense and more fun and adds the ability to hold powerful yoga postures longer for a greater benefit.

Aerial yoga is a bridge to good physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing for all yoga practicioners.







                Alleviate muscle tension, neck and back pain

                Strengthen core and body

                Deepen stretches and twists

                Supported and safe inversions

                Increased body awareness and control

                Activates the parasympathetic nervous system

                Stimulates the release of happy hormons

                Increase range of motion

                Cultivate connection to source or deep self

                Be in the "Now"

                Restore the body to its natural state of alignment

                Decompress the spine and promotes incresed joint mobility


Who is aerial yoga for?

Who is aerial yoga not for?

From our aerial yoga journey


Online Aerial classes coming soon..


Aerial yoga is for students new to Yoga, but also for experienced students who want to enhance and deepen existing practice. For students who want to exrerience more advanced yoga postures like inversions, deeper stretches and backbends. Is very good for people with lower back sensitivity as lenghten the spine in the most ease and eforthless way possible.

Please read this carefully before participating to aerial yoga class. Aerial yoga is not for people with fresh injuries or who are healing from a specific injuries, recent surgery, head injury, glaucoma, cataracts, pregnant women, people with severe disabilities, physical or mental, people who have an easy onset of vertigo, people with heart disease, osteoporosis, bone weakness, cerebral sclerosis, propensity for fainting, artificial hips and knees, carpal tunnel syndrome, people with sinusitis or head cold, people with high or low blood pressure, arthritis in hands and feet.