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By Tsveti Apostolov, Mar 29 2020 11:23PM

Is beautiful when life is unexpectedly takes you on surreal ride. Today the whole planet say "Stay home". We are all self isolating and no one knows how long this will continue. It is a time for Mother Earth to take a break and to recover. It is time for all of us to realise that our health is our main priority, is time to spend with our family and with our hobbies. Is time for me to do what I always wanted to try and do - online teaching. Here is my offering of menthal and physical support through my Yoga knowledge and decades of practice - free of charge online yoga classes. Suitable for all levels and abilities. My first class will be on Monday 30th of March from 17:00 to 17:35 on Zoom cloud platform. All you need to do is download it on your phone or laptop, verify your email address. I could send you a link to the class via email, text or FB, is on my FB events page and you could then easily join the meeting. Is easier than you think. Please join 10 min in prior and avoid food two hours before the class. Ask me any questions, I will be happy to guide you through. All the classes and times will be announced few days or a day before the class. If you havent follow my FB page please do.

Love and Light,

Tsveti x

By Tsveti Apostolov, Mar 5 2020 01:59PM

Aerial Yoga is a playful and fun way to practice yoga. With the weight of the body supported in a soft hammock, it helps for deeper stretches and greater flexibility whilst building core strength – with ease, and because it’s so playful it leaves you feeling refreshed and relaxed. Twice the benefit for half the effort.

No experience in yoga or hanging out is required. Just come and have fun!

Investment: £10

Spaces limited to 12. Please book early.

Teacher: Tsveti Apostolov

By Tsveti Apostolov, Mar 5 2020 01:43PM

Wellbeing Yoga Meditation Workshop & Afternoon brunch

Dear friends, treat Yourself with this one of a kind Holistic event in Horley and let’s welcome the rejuvenating Spring vibes together. The workshop is Donation based, all ages and abilities are welcomed!

14th of March from 15:00 to 17:00.

Venue - Horley Council Hall

92 Albert Rd, Horley RH6 7HZ

We would like to invite You to come and learn simple techniques of relaxation, breathing, stretching, visualising and simply letting go. Take this chance and join us to improve your current self and wellbeing. We are ready to share with you our knowledge and experience from over 20 years of Yoga teaching between us.

We are Dariya and Tsveti, 200 hours certified Yoga teachers.

Tsveti loves sharing her passion about Yoga and her vast teaching experience. She visited India twice for further Yoga studying. She teaches traditional Hatha Yoga and Yoga off the mat- aerial yoga. Based in Brighton, she shares her Yoga knowledge in her classes at local colleges and studios. She organised/held two Yoga retreats so far - in Bulgaria and Bali and she feels very adventurous about traveling. Website - www.joyfullotusyoga.co.uk

Dariya has started her yoga journey more than 17 years ago with Kriya yoga and has later received her teaching diploma from The International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in 2014, focusing on traditional Hatha Yoga. She is a reiki healer and also teaches Hypnobirthing Imagery Birth preparation classes to expectant parents.

The workshop will include:


Pranayama - breathing techniques

Special yoga program - an easy and simple system of Yogic exercises that stimulates all chakras and hormonal system and revitalises all organs.

This series of movements are also known as “The fountain of youth” and are credited with the ability to heal the body, balance the chakras and reverse the ageing process in just ten minutes a day.

Yoga Nidra - or a Yogic sleep is a powerful guided meditation that prompts the body to relax deeply while the mind remains inwardly alert. One 30-minute practice of yoga nidra equals approximately two hours of deep sleep. Prior studies indicate that yoga nidra helps to stabilize blood sugar levels; alleviate PMS symptoms, depression, and anxiety and combat PTSD.

The workshop will end with a delicious brunch and bites, authentic Indian tea or herbal tea and a beautifully designed piece of paper/reminder to take home with you with all that we have done on this workshop

Booking in advance is essential as spaces are limited.

Recommended minimum donation of £5.

You can make your donation and reserve your space by PayPal to dariyakamenska@gmail.com


By Tsveti Apostolov, Aug 2 2019 04:29PM

Three wonderful partner aerial yoga were held in Pazardjik and Plovdiv during May 2019 together with an aerial yoga teacher based in Bulgaria - Ivan Karaivanov. This time groups of flying enthusiasts were bigger than last year. Great time with all who came and make it happend as we presented new postures.

Big thanks to the amazing hosts - Jana and Diana and their beautiful studios. x