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Joyful Lotus Workshops in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

By Tsveti Apostolov, Jun 20 2018 11:21AM

Feeling happy that one idea become a reality here in my home country Bulgaria, Plovdiv.

When something is about to happend the Universe opens a door and everything falls to place. Workshops were created in unity with another devoted aerial practicioner and teacher - Ivan Karaivanov.

For the first time in Bulgaria we did an aerial workshops that combined two completely different styles of approching yoga on the hammock. We met the day on the workshops and we followed the natural flow of the energies on the day and the excitement of creating something fresh, new, funny, dynamic and beautiful! We followed the love of teaching and sharing with others.

Here some feedbacks from the people who joined us -

"Thank you very much! For me it was aerial yoga and laughing yoga at the same time. I have a muscle pain..from laughing! Love it!"

"Amazing practice!! When is the next one?"

For more images please check - https://www.facebook.com/JoyfulLotusYogaBrighton/

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