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By Tsveti Apostolov, Jun 20 2018 11:21AM

Feeling happy that one idea become a reality here in my home country Bulgaria, Plovdiv.

When something is about to happend the Universe opens a door and everything falls to place. Workshops were created in unity with another devoted aerial practicioner and teacher - Ivan Karaivanov.

For the first time in Bulgaria we did an aerial workshops that combined two completely different styles of approching yoga on the hammock. We met the day on the workshops and we followed the natural flow of the energies on the day and the excitement of creating something fresh, new, funny, dynamic and beautiful! We followed the love of teaching and sharing with others.

Here some feedbacks from the people who joined us -

"Thank you very much! For me it was aerial yoga and laughing yoga at the same time. I have a muscle pain..from laughing! Love it!"

"Amazing practice!! When is the next one?"

For more images please check - https://www.facebook.com/JoyfulLotusYogaBrighton/

By Tsveti Apostolov, Feb 21 2018 12:48PM

You are invited to join our aerial yoga classes every Tuesday from 12:00 to 13:00 at Open Space Studios.

Those classes are suitable for complete beginners and those that have previous expirience in flying.

We are practicing deep stretches while suspended in the air by a hammock and all those delicious inversions are becoming much easier. Aerial yoga is beneficial for the spine as it decompresses and re-aligns the spine when inverted, and the adjusted poses with the hammock release muscle tension.

Please dont expect a regular yoga class. Aerial yoga is very different, and yes some poses are the same, but we do a combination of acrobatics and yoga supported by a hammock.

Please give yourself 1-2 hours to digest your food before a class.

Aerial yoga is a wonderful chance to try, to play and reconect with your inner child. After all, aerial yoga is playing with the low of physics, encourages you to stay light-hearted and to simply have a fun.

Please have a look for some information on Facebook page - Joyful Lotus Yoga


where you can find detailed information about each class.

We will be happy if you like our page too.

By Tsveti Apostolov, Jun 6 2017 04:34PM

Bali Yoga Holiday - a dream come true!

I've created this event while I was pregnant without realising what is mum to be! Thank you for your support and babysitting during our time in Bali.

This event took a place in a stunning private villa Anyar Estate in Seminyak, Bali. Located in a middle of rise fields, the place offered beauty, tranquility and total joy to us. Opening and closing ceremonies with a local Hindu priest where organised to protect us and to stay healthy during and after our stay. Daily yoga and aerial sessions in stunning tropical gardens, different evening meditations and a free time spent in the swimmimng pool, where we also did aqua yoga! We spoiled ourselves with traditional Indonesian massage and have had a good organic food every day.

Some of the highlights were - day trip to Tanah Lot, a day trip to Ubud where we did bird walk and we visit the Elephant cave, we went to see a Hindu temple called Uluwatu and white sandy beach Padang Padang.

Here you can read some of the feedback from the attendees.

"Thanks for a lovely time shared in Bali..

Always good time to dig deep and expand and grow.. Had some profound thoughts and ideas.. So now planning and putting it all in motion." - Emma

"..Overall, I have really enjoyed the expirience and I think the early morning yoga and early evening meditation have worked really well. I love Bali and I love the villa!" - Miriam