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By Tsveti Apostolov, Feb 21 2018 12:48PM

You are invited to join our aerial yoga classes every Tuesday from 12:00 to 13:00 at Open Space Studios.

Those classes are suitable for complete beginners and those that have previous expirience in flying.

We are practicing deep stretches while suspended in the air by a hammock and all those delicious inversions are becoming much easier. Aerial yoga is beneficial for the spine as it decompresses and re-aligns the spine when inverted, and the adjusted poses with the hammock release muscle tension.

Please dont expect a regular yoga class. Aerial yoga is very different, and yes some poses are the same, but we do a combination of acrobatics and yoga supported by a hammock.

Please give yourself 1-2 hours to digest your food before a class.

Aerial yoga is a wonderful chance to try, to play and reconect with your inner child. After all, aerial yoga is playing with the low of physics, encourages you to stay light-hearted and to simply have a fun.

Please have a look for some information on Facebook page - Joyful Lotus Yoga


where you can find detailed information about each class.

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