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By Tsveti Apostolov, Mar 29 2020 11:23PM

Is beautiful when life is unexpectedly takes you on surreal ride. Today the whole planet say "Stay home". We are all self isolating and no one knows how long this will continue. It is a time for Mother Earth to take a break and to recover. It is time for all of us to realise that our health is our main priority, is time to spend with our family and with our hobbies. Is time for me to do what I always wanted to try and do - online teaching. Here is my offering of menthal and physical support through my Yoga knowledge and decades of practice - free of charge online yoga classes. Suitable for all levels and abilities. My first class will be on Monday 30th of March from 17:00 to 17:35 on Zoom cloud platform. All you need to do is download it on your phone or laptop, verify your email address. I could send you a link to the class via email, text or FB, is on my FB events page and you could then easily join the meeting. Is easier than you think. Please join 10 min in prior and avoid food two hours before the class. Ask me any questions, I will be happy to guide you through. All the classes and times will be announced few days or a day before the class. If you havent follow my FB page please do.

Love and Light,

Tsveti x