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Moving from her native Bulgaria to Brighton in 2002  Tsveti started to train in Ashtanga with Russell Case at Brighton Natural Health Centre. This led her to India in 2006  where she studied with the daughter of  Sri Pattabhi Jois - Saraswati at the Ashtanga Institute in Mysore.  She has also informal training in Ashtanga Swara Yoga with Master Siresh and Jonathan Patriarca, studied Iyengar Yoga and studied Hatha with her very inspiring Bulgarian teacher Damyan Vasilev. With her second visit to India in 2015 she studied with Bhoomaji in Kerala and deepened her knowledge and understanding of Hatha Yoga and received the title of  Yoga Ratnam.  Having practised for more than one decade, she greatly enjoys teaching and sharing her knowledge and experience with others.



Having many great experiences and different influences in Yoga, Tsveti tries to combine all these in her classes to create something fresh and enjoyable so each lesson is different from the last. Joyful Lotus style is calming and fun,  includes a traditional and modern postural yoga asanas, dynamic and restorative postures, Sun Salutations, breathing practices (Pranayama), relaxation and meditation(Dhyana).



"Yoga is a total Joy for me! I always feel inspired to teach and share the wisdom of Yoga. Yoga gives me the ability to feel more comfortable and freer in my body,  gives me clarity and peace of mind, the ability to connect and live in the present moment. Yoga is defined by the search for deep, eternal peace, true lasting happiness, an immersion in the universal grandness of the Divine.


I believe yoga is a constant journey of learning and no practice is the same.


Aerial Yoga is so much fun! Am totally in love in the unlimited possibilities of freeing the mind and body while suspended via hammock in the air. Aerial Yoga is a very creative style and is the best complimentary practice to my existing Hatha Yoga practice.



My mission is to inspire others, to encourage others to find their inner source of strength, wisdom and peace, to connect with others and offer my experiences of  Yoga, to spread the healing benefits of Yoga."

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"The key for happiness is aligning your time, energy and vibration with the things that truly bring you joy."

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